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Welcome to Roth

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A new job challenge, a new place to live and a new language and culture for foreign workers - changing jobs will entail profound changes.

Whether you come alone or with your family - there is a lot to do in the initial phase.

We would like to help you to take your first steps and provide some concrete assistance.

In the administrative district of Roth, you may contact the employees of the Welcome Service Center for Specialists, who will act as your main contact partners providing you with advice and assistance. 

We know the contact persons on site, will establish contact with authorities, offices and social institutions and help you with questions that may arise for you as a new citizen from Germany or other countries.

Sample questions of (foreign) professionals in our region:

  • How do I apply in Germany?

  • Where can I have my professional qualifications recognized?

  • Who will help me with general naturalization issues?

  • Where can I get information about regional job offers?

  • Where can I take a language course?

  • How can I find training and internships for my children?

  • Where can I get information about schools and kindergartens for my family?

  • Which public means of transport is available?

  • Where can I get information about regional sports and leisure facilities?

No matter if these or other questions - contact us. We know who can help you in our region.



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